The Alternative is Disaster

With Eva Tucek

Entry 1971/2811 Mashka Eryksson Report

22 October 2205

It has been a while since my last entry, so much has happened.

Samuel Mbeki-Nkoane, the owner of Rooifontein, has passed away bless his soul. The poor chap at last died peacefully, the staff said they had him in one of the more beautiful chambers of the luxurious Space Hotel, the view of Zork Craters on Mars must have added a significant dramatic undertone to his final moment. We are investigating the cause of death, but in all honesty, I feel there is no reason to believe that there was any foul play involved. 

The funeral service at the Mount Hope Cemetery was supposed to take place today, on St. Akira’s Day, but the Cemetery recently had a security breach on their main systems which rendered a leak of information pertaining to pin point locations of specific persons. Which can only mean a planned raid to steal bodies. On top of our list of suspects at the moment are the TAC-sentinels - an underground movement formed in the early 2030’s by some of the tech giants of the day - I recall a few of their names like Elon, Jeff, Mike-Z and a few others I cannot remember - from what we know it started with a revolution to rise up against the use of artificial intelligence in intercultural and religious segregation. Effectively they were instrumental in hindering the fourth World War, when they hacked a major service provider hosting (in good knowledge) a scam that promoted human trafficking across the board, with members as high up as the Senate and Société des Nations - which shortly after being disband was promptly replaced with as nefarious a group as before, only more accepted due to its colourful assortment. When will we learn that they are all the same…

This resulted in a world wide shut down of the Internet, as it was called back then, and a mass reconstruction of the medium before its new relaunch in the mid 2040’s. The last remaining of the TAC-s still actively pursue those they deem guilty of ‘proselytising’ humans to meet their own ends.   

One of their current targets, a religious sect called the Sirius Lodge, has a recently deceased founding member at the Mt Hope. There are rumours flying around that he died under auspicious circumstances, people believe he was trying to defect and that the Lodge took ‘care’ of him in a religious ceremony that was supposed to so-called purify him before his departure. My belief is that the TAC-s were going to steal his body to do an illegal autopsy and chip extraction, they most likely want to reveal the truth about his death and the unholy practises within the Lodge itself. If there is one thing technology has brought us that has helped us police on countless occasions, I would say it would have to be the Temporal Memory Chip implants - with these it’s been virtually impossible to lie about an event under investigation. 

Speaking of investigation, some activities of Sirius are currently undergoing close scrutiny by the law too. We are in an ongoing process of locating a Chinese rocket fleet that went missing shortly after a live streaming spacenet transmission from the Sirius Lodge HQ a month ago, announcing that they would spread their wings to all corners of our Solar System and give a ‘chosen’ few the opportunity to see things no human has. The manufacturers of the new Shuguang rockets were very clearly shaken by the disappearance of their flagship interplanetary space shuttle programme. They told the tribunal that their systems had been designed to withstand all kinds of hijacking… seems no, they had not. I am just waiting to see where the rockets finally turn up, hopefully not on some urban dwelling back on earth, somewhere like Blackpool, in Kingsland. Those unfortunate souls are already suffering as it is, trapped by the constraints of human construct, it makes me sad when I see how stupid the HS* have been.

I can’t help but think about Samuel again, how daring he was when he told his fellow South Africans he was going to be the first to put a luxury hotel in space. The judgement call that came down from the wing parties in favour of stripping his earth nationality, just because he dared utter the ‘L’ word. We have lost so much culture already, how much more do we want to put on the shelf for the sake of equalising the masses, when is someone going to say Stop! going forward does not mean erasing the past. On the contrary.

Proof in point, we finally have the low down from the recon team with regards to the Blackhole that opened up over LA … an experiment gone wrong, spearheaded by Sonny Hawking, head of the Church of Satan. Rosgar tells me that the inhabitants of California are on an ultra alert, evacuations are underway and the folks back at the Octagon HQ have sent lab experts to Earth to set up a Quasar duplication process to transport it elsewhere remote before it starts growing in size. It also looks like Sonny H -who it seems went to the authorities right after it happened looking for indemnity before the fingers started to point in his direction - is currently under house arrest in the church. As much as I hate to say it, that is one damn fine building - according to the IPCC it was one of the first ever constructions in West America in West America to be built emitting less than 93.5% GHG. 3D printed on site with multiple material robot arm printers, they literally changed the face of architecture and recycling. For over a 100 years it has been running entirely on solar energy and condensation silos with a track record unsurpassed. Earth could go to hell but that building would still be standing.

It’s time for me to sign out, and shut down my system for the lunar phase. Tomorrow’s big day for me, our unit will be going into the factory for an upgrade. They did not tell us exactly what the new features include, but I am excited none-the-less. 

*HS, standing for Homo Sapien was the newly adopted term in 2051 to replace all ‘Mankind’ - obviously including women and children without exception.