Eric de Broche des Combes - Architecte dplg

Based in Paris (France), Eric de Broche is a DPLG Architect and Graphic Designer born in 1971 at le Corbusier's Citée Radieuse in Marseilles. He studied architecture under the sun at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseilles until 1997. After a post graduate cycle at the GAMSAU - Groupe de Recherche pour l'Application des Méthodes Scientifiques à l'Architecture et à l'Urbanisme - he founded his first visualization office Auralab , followed a few years later by Luxigon Strong visual experiences in a highly codified and somewhat boring field, his images quickly seduce famous architectural firms which have in turn promoted Luxigon as one of the most distinctive 3D renderings studios worldwide. 


He likes punk rock

Eric regularly joins other design teams, contributes to publications and gives lectures on the theory, practice and history of image. Computer gaming technology and its possible applications in the world of art, as well as architecture and town planning is another passion he pursues alongside teaching at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (Cambridge, Massachusetts).


He still works as an architect through Buro-BC – a company focused exclusively on architectural projects.


He will  eventually die some day.