10 songs > It's too late : The Streets Kids : MGMT My Favourite Dress : The Wedding Present Roybigv : Boards of Canada Genesis : Justice In Between Days : The Cure Love Will Tear Us Appart : Joy Division Plug me In : Squarepusher EMI : The Sex Pistols Judy is a Punk : The Ramones 10 books > Solaris : S. Lem Little Nemo : W. McKay Microserfs : S. Coupland The Black Dahlia : J. Ellroy Alice in Wonderland : L. Caroll My Early Life : W. Churchill Treasure Island : R.L. Stevenson Midsummer’s Night Dream : W. Shakespeare Junkspace R. Koolhaas The Martian Chronicles : R. Bradbury 10 movies > Christiane F. : Uli Edel Close Encounters : S. Spielberg Hanabi : T.Kitano Kids : L. Clark Creep : Patrick Brice The Blues Brothers : J. Landis Sunset Blvd. : B. Wilder All about Eve : J.L. Mankiewicz Frankenstein : J. Whales The Master : P.T. Anderson  10 TV shows > Twin Peaks Treme Downton Abbey The Prisoner The Wire The Office Deadwood The Sopranos Mindhunter Vikings

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